"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. "
~John Lennon

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glass Of Milk

One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was hungry.

He decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door.

Instead of a meal he asked for a drink of water. She thought he looked hungry so brought him a large glass of milk.
He drank it so slowly, and then asked, "How much do I owe you?"

"You don't owe me anything," she replied. "Mother has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness."

He said ....... "Then I thank you from my heart."

As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt stronger physically, but his faith in God and man was strong also. He had been ready to give up and quit.

Many year's later that same young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally sent her to the big city, where they
called in specialists to study her rare disease.

Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes.
Immediately he rose and went down the hall of the hospital to her room.
 Dressed in his doctor's gown he went in to see her. He recognized her at once.

He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to her case.
After a long struggle, the battle was won.

Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it, then wrote something on the edge, and the bill
was sent to her room. She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for it all. Finally she looked, and something
caught her attention on the side of the bill. She read these words...

"Paid in full with one glass of milk."

(Signed) Dr. Howard Kelly.

This was forwarded to me in an email. We all know a story like this one, perhaps even have been involved in a true story like this. Do something kind for someone else, every chance you have. Not to reap the rewards yourself some day. But because showing kindness to others can help heal a nation. 

According to snopes.com, this story is true. Dr Howard Kelly, 1858 - 1943, was one of four founding doctors of Johns Hopkins. 


Ms. A said...

I've read this one before and I love it!

Rock Chef said...

That is a great story - it should be true!

DJan said...

I never heard this one before, but I sure love it. I am smiling now and you have performed a real kindness for me this morning! Thank you, CiCi. :-)

Abby said...

Beautiful! Great way to start the day, CiCi. Thanks!!

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Thank you. Now if only we could have more acts of kindness each day in the media and less of the opposite we might really heal globally. I think seeing all those evil acts just fuels more evil. If we were to see lots of kind acts and leave the evil ones alone it may help change the way brains function. People will want to be in the media and they'll need to be kind in order to get there. Could this sell enough profit ??

Stephen Hayes said...

Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

Fazlisa said...

beautiful story, brought tears to my eyes, I do that almost all the time when I hear a moving story or even a song. Thank you for sharing CiCi.

bill lisleman said...

Being kind to others benefits all of us.

Brian Miller said...

amen...i agree that if we adopted such an attitude we just might heal our nation....wonderful story cici...sorry i was so behind....hope you had a wonderful weekend...