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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pizza Hut Can Be Ever So Accommodating

A group of us play bingo every Friday afternoon in a town about 15 miles away. Sometimes we go to that town early and have lunch in one of the great little restaurants there. We have driven by the Pizza Hut so many times, thinking there would not be be gluten free fare. I called the Pizza Hut and asked them what they could provide for my friend and me. They invited us to come in for lunch and try the salad bar. They prepared chunks of chicken breast for us to add to our salads. The staff was so accommodating and friendly and fun and the manager even printed out gluten free information on every item in their restaurant and brought the list out to our table.

My salad consisted of great lettuce/carrot mix, pears, sweet banana peppers, green olives, sunflower seeds, cheese, more carrots, cucumber, potato salad and lots of chicken pieces. It was fresh and delicious. I made two trips to the salad bar and am looking forward to visiting Pizza Hut again soon.

If any of you have to eat gluten free or know someone who does, try your local Pizza Hut. I hope your experience is as great as mine was.

My friends ate personal pan pizzas and said they were excellent. We won't be passing by the Pizza Hut any longer.


Ms. A said...

It nice to find places that are accommodating!

Brian Miller said...

that is so cool that they were so accommodating and also provided you with the gluten free info as well...

Rock Chef said...

We always enjoy visits there - good value and nice food. Glad they could provide such a good meal for you and your friend too!

Adam said...

If you want a gluten free pizza, a place here called Mellow Mushroom does that that I know of. Not too sure if they'll have one near you.

They don't have mnay outside the southeastern part of the US

Hilary said...

So nice to know that a huge chain such as Pizza Hut actually cares about its customers. Good for you for checking into it.

Stephen Hayes said...

Pizza Hut must have really upped their game. My past experiences there weren't very good. Maybe it's time to give them another chance.

CiCi said...

Ms A, the staff at this restaurant went so far above and beyond and they were cheerful and fun.

Hi Brian, I learned that I have to be proactive to assure I don't get gluten or wheat into my system.

RC, that surprises me that you get pizza out when you make your own pizza that is spectacular.

Adam, never heard of Mellow Mushroom but will find out if one is in Omaha or near here. Thanks.

Hilary, it was indeed a pleasant surprise that the Pizza Hut staff were great and the food was too.

Stephen, I hope you do try them again. Let me know if your local Pizza Hut is better now.

dkzody said...

Very good advice. I know there are many restaurants now that have a gluten free menu, you just have to ask for it. Our daughter's mother-in-law eats no gluten and she has filled us in on these menus. I will tell her about Pizza Hut if she's not already aware.

terri said...

I love it when people share good experiences like this one. Pizza Hut is not a place I would typically consider eating, but after your rave review, it is now!

Abby said...

What a fine endorsement of your local Pizza Hut! Good for them (and you)!

CiCi said...

dkzody, Lots of restaurants now have gluten free menus or at least a section of the menu with gluten free choices. I hope your daughter's mother-in-law has as good experience as we did.

Terri, I hope your Pizza Hut has as kind and fun employees as the one we visited.

Abby, The staff was just as important to us as the food to make it a great experience.