"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. "
~John Lennon

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Circle Of Life

A story with a happy ending. Something we all want in our lives.

When I moved to this town four and a half years ago, the house I found online was a little white house, the rent was the right amount, and the property presented a clean slate for me to work my artistic side. I took a picture of the little white house from the front and tried several different colors to paint the trim, picking a medium shade of yellow. After painting the trim yellow, I proceeded to the inside, painting each room. The toughest job was spending days outside with my earphones on listening to music while chipping away on the layers of old paint on the garage, sanding and painting a heavy duty outside paint on the garage. It was all satisfying work, including planting seeds for flowers and transplanting some day lilies and purchasing other plants.

Then circumstances caused me to move to an apartment, which was not a good place, so I moved to a duplex and still I did not have my sanctuary. My home must be peaceful and safe. Interestingly, the duplex was two houses from the original little white house with the yellow trim.

Each day I walked or drove by the little house, watching a man working on the outside of the little house. I enjoyed watching the changes he was making as well as the happiness evident in his stance, his gestures, his face, as he put his plans into place. That man passed away and his son and daughter-in-law owned the house.

Some of the neighbors began telling me that they were sharing stories with the current owners of the little house about me, about the work I did while living there, and about the floods and consequently, mildew, I was living with at the duplex. So by the time I approached them about the possibility of me moving back into the little house, we were already on the same page.

A power greater than I could ever be was setting the stage for this rerun, and my watching the improvements being made turned out to be something I was a part of in spirit, as I was being blessed with each hammer strike, each plant put into the earth, each sack of concrete mixed for sidewalks. The work being done was beyond my imagination and I would not want to put that amount of money into a place I don't own.

All these words to say I am in the process of moving back to the little white house. Furniture and boxes being transported TODAY. Everything else is already there and I will spend the night back where I started. I have never "gone back" to anything, was ready to move on, but this was different. My time at the house was interrupted, and now I can resume my life in the serene little "doll house" as one of my friends calls it. Should be settled by this weekend.


Ms. A said...

Oh, wow, I had no idea! Hope it works out well for you.

Brian Miller said...

its a cool story...and you've come back around to perhaps where you should be....hope all goes well with the move back in...

DJan said...

That is a GREAT story, CiCi. And something was at work that is bigger than you and me, that's for sure. Makes my heart full and a smile on my face. :-)

Jeanie said...

A great story....I think you and your little house will be very happy together.

Stephen Hayes said...

How interesting to return to a previous residence. I don't even like driving past former residences but this place is obviously special. I hope you have many peaceful, relaxing years there. Take care.

Anonymous said...

This just makes me so happy. Enjoy your move into the doll house. Sounds like you have found "home."

Hilary said...

What a wonderful turn of events for you. I'm so happy you are going home to your little white house. Looking forward to reading more about it once you've settled in. Congrats, CiCi.

terri said...

This is such a great story! There was definitely some divine intervention involved. I'm so glad you get to go back to the little white house. I know you'll be so happy there.

Stickup Artist said...

Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back Jojo
Go home

~ from "Get Back" written by Lennon-McCartney

CiCi said...

Ms A, hope things are going well with you. My cat Lola and I slept at the little house last night, it was so restful for me, some things are cluttered but I will get around to putting everything where I want it.

Brian, I accumulated more stuff since I left here, but this place will help me adjust to having less again. The moving part is over, now to sort and put away.

DJan, I can just see the big smile on your face. How fun that is for my good fortune.

Jeanie, It is comfortable and also comforting to be back in the little house.

Stephen, that is my wish also, would like to stop all the moves. Would like to settle down and have time here to make a little home.

dk, It is interesting to return to a place for the first time. It is familiar and I know where the light switches are!

Hilary, remember when I moved from this little house and how sad I was? Makes this return even better.

terri, this little house and I have some history and now we begin again but even better this time.

Stickup, you know I am a Lennon fan, I was singing your comment. You're so cool.

Shammickite said...

Serendipity! Enjoy your new surroundings.

CiCi said...

Shammickite, Thank you for the nice comment. I am glad to be back here, and so is Lola my cat.