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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 Statue Dedication

Here are some photos I took at the Veterans Memorial Park during the dedication of the new soldier statue  combined with Memorial Day services at the same occasion.

Getting ready for the Memorial service.

This woman and her son donated the statue in honor of her husband.
This is the new statue that the woman donated.

The woman on left is a good friend of mine.


Ms. A said...

Looks like there was a good crowd, numerous veterans and excellent weather! Wonderful photos, Cici!

DJan said...

Sunshine and ceremony. Lovely, CiCi! That statue is excellent.

Jeanie said...

These kind of ceremonies in a small town always seem the most meaningful to me. Great pictures of the participants.

bill lisleman said...

Nice statue and pictures. I hope they built a base for it or at least put in gravel but it's going to be tough to cut that little piece of grass under it.

Adam said...

that's a wonderful new statue

terri said...

Looks like it was a great day for the dedication!

CiCi said...

Ms A, The whole day was beautiful and the people who gathered at the dedication of the statue were so nice.

DJan, I walked around the park and visited with people I know and took lots of photos. One lady asked me the next day if she could see the photos and she bought the whole set from me.

Jeanie, when people are sincere and are participating in something that means so much to them, there is a spirit of fellowship and respect that abounds.

Bill, Interesting observation. I know the couple who maintains the grounds of the memorial park, and they will keep the statue as clean looking as the rest of the park, I am sure.

Adam, glad that you appreciate the statue, very wise for you as a young person to appreciate it.

Terri, it was indeed a great day. Hope your Memorial Day was great too.

LL Cool Joe said...

Nice to see you too!! Great shots and the sun was shinning!

Brian Miller said...

very cool...nice to see all the people out and that statue is def very cool...

Abby said...

Looks like a wonderful dedication ceremony! Great photos, great statue.

Maggie May said...

You took some really good photos of a dedicated ceremony.
Great statue.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

CiCi said...

Joey, yep, sun shining, fun and good times for all.

Brian, isn't that statue amazing?

Abby, thanks. I like taking photos and not all turn out because I rush around and click quickly.

Maggie, this Veterans Memorial Park is one of my favorite places in town.

Suldog said...

It's a lovely statue. How nice of them to donate it, and how lucky for you to be there for the dedication. I've never been at the dedication of anything, so far as I can remember.

Cheryl said...

Hello there! Sorry I have been missing lately...trying to catch up! The photos were great, how wonderful the woman and son honored their loved one in such a nice way. I will be emailing you in a few days. Take care and I promise to be back again!