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Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Admire Talent

Let me introduce you to Rowan. She is the niece of my dear friend, who has been a best friend for over twenty years.

Rowan lives in Seattle.

"Hi Cici, thanks so much for your message. I sell my work primarily at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. I have a number of cashmere armwarmers and lambswool hats that are ready for sale right now.  I can take some photos on Sunday morning and send them to you. If you like something you see, please let me know right away. Everything I make is usually one of a kind, so I can have them pulled from the table so we can make sure to get them to you.
Yes, this is definitely my busy season! I'm usually selling my goods within days (sometimes hours) of making them.
My cashmere armwarmers sell for $33 and up. Lambswool hats are $55 and up. All of my materials are recycled luxury fibers. They are felted to give added durability and warmth. The hats are also breathable and naturally water resistant, great for wearing in all kinds of weather. Each hat has a little pocket on the side. I like to write a positive affirmation and put it in my pocket for the day. The one-of-a-kind hats are also embellished with found vintage items and neat vintage buttons."
Rowan designs and makes unique wearable art and accessories, made from recycled cashmere, lambs wool, and merino wool. She even has amazing pieces for the hair, barrettes that are one of a kind. 
You can see some photos of Rowan and her customers wearing her distinctive and remarkable products on her facebook page

The hat I purchased is a light olive green pixie cap in soft lambswool. This is a small/medium cap style hat that looks fantastic on short-haired or straight-haired women. The bill is finished with repurposed green lace, and the roses are hand-stitched green velvet. The leaves are hand-embroidered lambswool. Vintage plastic buttons adorn the sides. 

The second is a patterned lambswool lotus hat. This is a style of hat that goes over and around the head, slouches toward the back, and usually covers the ears. This lambswool features a beautiful and unique tapestry-style design in earthy colors - reddish brown and gold, with a blue center. The roses are handstitched lambswool, as are the teal leaves. Vintage mother of pearl buttons. It is a medium to large hat. This style looks great on larger heads and is on the thicker side so it would be great for winter.

"I can also make a custom hat for you. I can make a hat in this style for you, without extras like mother of pearl buttons and lace. You'll still get the lovely roses design and vintage buttons."

Visit Rowanica Designs on faceboook.


LL Cool Joe said...

She is very talented indeed! You look great!

Ms. A said...

It looks great on you! She IS talented.

I look terrible in a hat. Actually, I look terrible without a hat, but a hat just accentuates the terrible.

Brian Miller said...

nice....she is very talented....what a cool place to sell at too...the fish market...i love seattle...

R. J. said...

I envy those creative people. The hat really looks very stylish on you. Good photo.

DJan said...

Very nice! I'm off to visit her Facebook site now! :-)

Abby said...

Well, how cool is that?! I love the little pocket in the hat, for a daily affirmation. Looks great on you CiCi!

bill lisleman said...

great looking hats. I didn't know wool could be recycled.

Pauline said...

Stylish hat for a stylish lady - it suits you. Wish I could wear small hats, they have to be huge or look silly on me.

terri said...

Rowan is so talented! No wonder her beautiful things sell so quickly.

Rock Chef said...

They look very good and also look like they would actually keep the old grey matter warm too!

Rowanica Designs said...


Thank you so much for the write-up in your blog, and for your glowing words. I'm so glad that that special hat went to you it truly suits you. You have such a beautiful spirit, keep shining! Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it.

Blessings on your day


Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Yes she has something special to offer. Your post was hard for my eyes to read. My vision is so weak:(